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Mission Statement

Northern Midlands Council is committed to providing effective, innovative and efficient service to the community it represents. It aims to encourage active local communities of distinct character and to foster a sense of pride in the Northern Midlands area.

Our Vision

  • Northern Midlands communities will be vibrant, sustainable and resilient, promoting diversity and conserving the heritage values of our towns.
  • Our competitive strengths will attract more people to the municipality, increase employment, business activity and property values.
  • Our community pride will be based on co-operation and self help, evident by our care of natural and constructed assets and our leadership in environmental management.
  • Each community’s needs will be met with fair and appropriate quality services, creating high community satisfaction with Council’s performance and high employee morale and well-being.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Respect for people
  • Highest levels of integrity and honesty
  • Open representation for all ratepayers and residents
  • Equitable distribution of services, costs and opportunities for all members of the community
  • Provide progressive community leadership by formulating clear, positive policies and strategies
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Encourage community confidence through communication, consultation and participation
  • Consideration of economic, environmental and social sustainability when making decisions
  • Consistency – being fair and accountable in decision-making and actions
  • Commitment to working with facts and accurate data.


The Northern Midlands Council was created on the 2nd April 1993 from the merger of the former Municipalities of Longford, Evandale, Campbell Town and Ross, together with the towns of Rossarden, Avoca and Royal George from the Fingal municipality.
It covers an area of 5,130 square kilometres, extending from Liffey Bluff in the west to Mount St John in the east (150 kms) and from Relbia in the north to Tooms Lake in the south (95 kms).
Northern Midlands is one of the largest and most diverse municipal areas in Tasmania. It ranges from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries to extensive grazing lands renowned for fine wool production, the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers; historic towns and villages, and from small businesses to multi-million dollar enterprises. Many of the towns and villages have distinctive heritage qualities which make them attractive places to live.
The population of the Northern Midlands was estimated to be 12,602 by the 2010 ABS figures. This was 2.5% of the estimated State population that totalled 503,292.

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