Northern Midlands

The Northern Midlands Council Logo

Northern Midlands

The logo was designed with the help of input from a number of focus groups held throughout the community. Although the Northern Midlands Council is one of the state's largest and most geographically diverse with an area of 5130 square kilometers that stretches from the Great Western Tiers in the west, to Avoca in the east, to Franklin Village in the north and Ross in the south, certain elements were consistently highlighted by the focus groups as having relevance to the whole municipality, rather than to just one town or region.

The Great Western Tiers

Great Western Tiers

The most visible landmarks of the region are the Great Western tiers; they can be seen from all parts of the new region forming a "back drop" in the west. The background to the logo is a stylized representation of the major geographical feature. The "table-top" plateau falls away dramatically at the northern escarpment, which is characterized by the right hand side of the logo.

Historic Villages

Heritage Towns

The second element highlighted by the focus groups was the historical nature of the main urban centres in the region consequently, in the new logo. The stylized "village" incorporates Georgian and early Victorian architecture - without specifically identifying any particular building or town the colour of the village is white, to symbolize the way the man-made structures stand out against the landscape.

Undulating hills, the river system

Undulating hills, river system

The third feature consistently highlighted by the focus groups was the river system that links the communities in the area. A stylized representation of this, together with a suggestion of the undulating hills of the northern midlands have been incorporated into the foreground of the logo.

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