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Food Premises Registration

Food may only be prepared and sold from premises approved for this purpose and registered with the Council.

Please find following information on how to register food premises (including temporary food premises).

Registration of a Food Business

Businesses selling food must be registered with Council. A business selling low risk food that is not considered potentially hazardous, must notify the Council by completing the following forms, but may not require registration.

Application forms can be downloaded or can be obtained from the Council at 13 Smith Street, Longford.

NOTE: These forms are currently being amended, please contact Council for a form. Food Business - Notification of a Food Business Form and Food Premises Application Form.

A Council Environmental Health Officer will inspect the food business prior to issuing the registration.

Registration Fee for a Food Business

Council’s fee for food business registration is determined by classifying the business according to the risk that the type of food sold presents to public health and safety. There are three levels of risk, High, Medium and Low. Most food businesses are classified as Medium Risk.

Please click here view the current fees.

If you would like to discuss the registration of a food business and matters relating to the safe handling of food please contact a Northern Midlands Council Environmental Health Officer on (03) 63977303.

Detailed information relating to national food safety standards can be found at the following link.

Temporary Food Premises Including Sale of Food at Markets

The sale of food at established markets is subject to the requirements of the Food Act 2003 and the Food Safety Standards, including the requirement to be registered with the local authority (local Council).

Some of these requirements and conditions for sale of food are set out below for your convenience:

Sale of Foods That Are Not Potentially Hazardous - Not Prepared at the Market

This category includes foods such as confectionery, unfilled cakes, biscuits, loaves and similar foods that are not considered potentially hazardous.

These foods may be sold from open stalls on the following conditions: 

  • all foods must be prepared in a premises approved by the council in which the premises is located, in accordance with safe food handling practices;
  • application must be made to Council for a Temporary Food Licence;
  • all foods must be prepared, packaged and labelled in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2003;
  • all foods must be a minimum of 500 mm above ground level and protected from direct sunlight.

Sale of Potentially Hazardous Foods Not Prepared at the Market

This category includes foods such as cream cakes, sandwiches, quiches, milk, cheese, meat products and any other foods that must be stored under controlled temperature conditions.

  • these foods may be sold on the same conditions as for non-perishable foods, provided that:
  • foods are kept in refrigerated storage at or below 5oC (eskies are not suitable for long term storage).
  • frozen food is kept in a frozen solid state until sold.

Foods intended to be consumed hot, are kept in a food heater (e.g. pie oven) at a temperature of not less than 60oC until sold.

Sale of Fruit and Vegetables

All fruit and vegetables must be protected from contamination and shall be kept not less than 500mm above ground level.

Sale of Food Prepared in Food Vans (mobile food vehicles) On-Site at the Market

These foods may be sold from registered mobile food businesses only, which must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The driving section of the vehicle shall be separated and effectively sealed from the section used for storing or preparing food.
  2. The section of the vehicle used for preparing food shall be designed so as to afford complete protection to all food from contamination such as dust and insects. 
  3. The floor, walls and ceiling shall be constructed internally of rigid, smooth-faced, impervious material with an unbroken surface, capable of being easily cleaned and kept in good repair.  The intersection of the floor and walls shall be impervious and coved at a radius of not less than 25mm.
  4. Food preparation benches, shelving, cupboards and the like shall be constructed of a rigid, smooth-faced, impervious material that is free from open joints and cracks and is suitable for the purpose.
  5. Cavities, false bottoms and similar hollow spaces capable of harbouring vermin, are not permitted to be formed in the construction of cupboards and other fixtures.
  6. Benches, shelving, cupboards and the like shall be supported on metal legs not less than 200mm high.
  7. The ends of hollow metal sections shall be sealed.
  8. Shelving and other projections are not permitted above food preparation benches.
  9. A sink shall be provided in the vehicle together with cold water and hot water for cleaning appliances & equipment.
  10. Where eating and drinking utensils and vessels are reused, a double bowl sink or approved dishwasher shall be installed.  (Hot water at a temperature of not less than 80oCelsius, shall be provided over one of the bowls).
  11. In addition, a hand washing basin supplied with warm running water (mixer tap) shall be installed in the vehicle.
  12. The waste water outlets from the sink and wash hand basin shall be fitted with sanitary traps.
  13. An approved tank shall be installed external to the vehicle for the receiving of waste water from the sink and wash hand basin and be vented in an approved manner.
  14. Walls and benches likely to be soiled or damaged by cooking fumes, grease and heat shall be protected by stainless steel sheeting or other approved material.
  15. Where cooking or extensive heating processes are carried out an approved mechanical ventilation system will be required to be installed.
  16. Sufficient facilities shall be provided to maintain perishable food at suitable temperatures.
  17. Artificial lighting shall be installed to provide a minimum lighting value of 300 lux to work surfaces.

Compliance With Above Conditions

Food vans and stalls that do not meet the required standard will not be allowed to operate from established markets.

Guidelines for Temporary Food Stalls


Registration of a Temporary Food Business

PLEASE NOTE: completed form and payment MUST be received by Council a minimum of 7 days before event to allow for processing.

Please click here to download the application form for
Registration of a Temporary Food Business

Registration of a Temporary Food Business Fee

Please click here view the current fees.

Application for Registration as a User or Supplier of Water from a Private Water Source

If you provide untreated water to the public you must complete the following form.

Application for Registration as a User or Supplier of Water from a Private Water Source

Do you have questions?

If you have questions regarding your application, please contact an Environmental Health Officer at the Northern Midlands Council on (03) 6397 7303.

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