Northern Midlands


The Northern Midlands Council is responsible for an overall road network of approximately 566km of sealed road and 413km of unsealed road. This is made up of major urban roads, minor town streets and rural roads. The road network provides access to individual properties and facilitates the general circulation of our communities.

Who owns the road?

The responsibility for road infrastructure and safety funding is shared between Commonwealth, State and Local Government.

The Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resource (DIER) has responsibility for the provision, management and maintenance of State classified roads. Each local council has the same responsibility for classified local highways in their municipality.

State Roads

Tasmania's State roads are those owned and managed by the State Government through the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER). Vehicles up to the size of tri-axle semi trailers have general access to the whole road network. The Approved Higher Productivity and Higher Mass Limits networks allow movement of vehicles up to the size of B-doubles along most of the important freight routes. This network is administered by the Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER).

State roads are classified under the Road Hierarchy categories as either:

Category 1 Trunk Roads - the most important roads interconnecting Tasmania
Category 2 Regional Freight Roads - Tasmania's major regional roads for carrying heavy freight
Category 3 Regional Access Roads - the main access roads to Tasmania's regions but carry less heavy freight traffic than Regional Freight Roads
Category 4 Feeder Roads - allow safe travel between towns, major tourist destinations and industrial areas
Category 5 Other Roads – the remainder of the State roads.

Roads Maintained by DIER within the Northern Midlands Municipality are:

Midland Highway
Lake Leake Road –Campbell Town to Municipal Boundary
Esk Main Road – Conara Junction to Municipial Boundary
Leighlands Road – Midland Highway to Evandale Road
Evandale Road – Breadalbane Roundabout to Russell Street Evandale
Breadalbane Roundabout
Main Road Perth – Changes from Midland Highway through Perth Township then back to Midland Highway after Township
Youl Road Perth- Illawarra Road to Midland Highway
Drummond Street Perth – Illawarra Road to Main Road Perth
Illawarra Road – Youl Road Perth to Bass Highway (Through Longford Roundabout)
Tannery Road Longford – Longford Roundabout to Railway line
Wellington Street Longford – Railway line to Heritage Corner
Marlborough Street Longford – Heritage Corner to Cressy Road Longford
Cressy Road – Cressy Road Longford to Poatina Main Road Junction
Main Street Cressy – Changes from Cressy Road through Township then back to Cressy Road after Township until Poatina Main Road Junction
Poatina Main Road – Cressy Road to Central Highlands Municipal boundary

Local Council Roads and Streets

Each of the Local Government Authorities are responsible for the 'local highways' within its municipality commonly referred to as 'local roads' or 'council roads and streets'. Council is not responsible for unmade roads/streets or private roads. If you are unsure if your road/street is maintained by Council please call the Works and Infrastructure Department on (03) 6397 7303.

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