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Subdivisions, Strata Title and Boundary Adjustments

How do I subdivide my land?

A subdivision is the act of dividing up a piece of land into two or more blocks. A subdivision of land requires a planning permit from Council. The planning permit is 'discretionary', which means it must be on public exhibition for at least 14 days (by advertisement in the Examiner newspaper, site notice and notification to neighbours) and anyone can make a representation (objection).

It is recommended that you discuss subdividing your land with a Planning Officer, then you will need to fill in a Planning Application form and submit it to Council with the appropriate fees.

What services should I provide in a subdivision?

  • reticulated water supply, if within a water district including water meter and stop tap - provided by TasWater
  • reticulated sewer, if within a sewer district - provided by TasWater
  • underground drainage to the low point of each lot, if within any residential zone
  • impervious driveway and crossover (and sealed access lane if internal lot)
  • kerb and channel and sealed roads (unless existing)
  • underground electricity to each lot, if within urban growth boundary
  • telecommunication cables along any newly created streets

How do I get a final plan of subdivision sealed?

After completion of all works required by a planning permit for a subdivision, complete a Request to seal final plan of subdivision and submit to Council with the final plan, schedule of easements and appropriate fees.

How do I adhere two or more lots?

An adhesion order is a process where an owner makes application to Council to join two or more adjoining titles together.

Complete an Adhesion application and submit to Council with documentation prepared by your solicitor or surveyor.

Please view the following link on Adhesion Orders from the Local Government Act for further explanation.

How do I apply for a Strata Title?

Strata title is a form of ownership devised for units and subdivisions with shared areas. The 'strata' part of the term refers to apartments being on different levels, or "strata".

Strata Title Schemes are composed of individual lots and common property. Lots are either units, garages or storerooms and each is shown on the title as being owned by a Lot Owner. Common Property is defined as everything else on the parcel of land that is not comprised in a Lot, such as common stairwells, driveways, roofs, gardens and so on.

To apply for Strata Title please complete the following Strata Title Application and submit to Council with the strata plan and fee, this is usually submitted by a surveyor or solicitor acting on your behalf.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact the Planning Department on (03) 6397 7303.

What is a Boundary Adjustment?

A boundary adjustment is a survey to amend the common boundaries between 2 or more separate titles, where clause 9.3.1 of the Planning Scheme applies. The boundaries are rearranged without creating any new blocks in order to reflect an agreement between two neighbours.
A resubdivision is rearrangement of the common boundaries between 2 or more separate titles where the changes are too large to be termed as a boundary adjustment, or does not comply with clause 9.3.1.
These types of subdivision still have to go through the full subdivision process with Council; you will need to fill in the planning application form and submit to Council.

How do I extend or amend my planning permit?

You must complete the application Request to Extend / Amend permit and submit to Council with the appropriate fee.
The form must be accompanied by a reason in writing for the request.

Council has not approved my application, how do I appeal?

Any applicant for a planning permit may appeal Council’s decision on a planning permit application within 14 days after notice of that decision is served on them. The applicant may appeal either against Council’s decision to refuse an application, or against the conditions imposed by Council on a planning permit.

Planning appeals are heard by the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal, which is a body established under the State’s planning laws. The Appeal Tribunal is completely independent of the Council.

The Tribunal's contact details are as follows:

Telephone No.: (03) 6233 6464
Facsimile No.: (03) 6224 0825
Postal Address: GPO Box 2036, Hobart TAS 7001
Street Address: Level 1, 144-148 Macquarie Street, Hobart


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