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Footpath Trading, Onstreet Dining, Freestanding Signs

While trading activities on the footpath can be an important part of a local business environment, the primary purpose of footpaths is to provide for safe pedestrian access. Footpath trading activities must, therefore, be regulated to ensure that access and safety can be maintained, recognising that any commercial use of public space is not a right but a privilege.

Licences may be issued or renewed annually from 1 July each year.

Footpath Trading (On Street Dining, Display of Goods)

Footpath trading is the use of footpaths for commercial activities including outdoor eating areas and the display of goods or signs.

Council may approve footpath trading in any urban area where associated with a shop, food premises or commercial building, and there is an adequate and properly-formed footpath and roadway adjacent to the premises.

Please view Council's Policy Manual - Policy No 52 Footpath Trading.

It is also advisable to contact Counci's planning staff on (03) 6397 7303 to discuss your requirements.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs (also known as 'sandwich boards') are used to advertise businesses and identify when a commercial premises are open for trade. To ensure that free standing signs are not a risk to foot or vehicular traffic and are aesthetically pleasing yet meet the advertising needs of the commercial establishment it is recommended you discuss your requirements with Council's planning staff on (03) 6397 7303.

Please view Council's Policy Manual - Policy No 26 Free Standing Signs.

Application Process

  • An applicant is required to submit a written application using Council’s application form, together with a plan to a suitable scale showing the size, number, colour and location of tables and chairs, signs and other furniture, including photographs or other illustrations of proposed furniture;
  • Details of goods to be displayed, including quantity;
  • All applicable fees.

When all information has been received, Council officers will assess the application. In the event of approval, the applicant will have to meet all the requirements of the licence before commencement of footpath trading. Where an application is refused, Council will provide grounds for refusal.

In the event of an application being refused, the applicant has the right to appeal to the General Manager for a review of the decision.

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