Northern Midlands

Change of Use for a Dwelling or Building

In the first instance, it is important to meet with a Council Planning Officer to discuss ideas or proposals particularly before committing to a lease or purchase of a property to determine:

  • whether a planning application needs to be submitted;
  • if any other permits are required (eg Health, Building);
  • what issues might be relevant in considering the application;
  • the process involved in dealing with the application; and
  • the likely time frame for determining an application.

You may need a planning permit if you:

  • change the way business premises are used - for example, from a warehouse to an office;
  • turn all or part of a residential property into a workplace or vice versa.

 You don't always need planning permission to work from home but you probably will if:

  • your home is no longer used mainly as a private residence;
  • there will be a marked rise in traffic or people calling;
  • it will involve activities unusual in a residential area;
  • it will disturb your neighbours at unreasonable hours or create other nuisance.
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