Northern Midlands
Our Economy

Our Economy

The Northern Midlands has a diverse and expanding economy. There are many business and investment opportunities in most industry sectors, particularly in the core industries of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and services. Our local government area has the third highest total value of agricultural production in the state, with the ABS data 2011 recording a value of $130.58 million (not including forestry and livestock sold interstate).

Council has developed the Launceston Airport TRANSlink precinct; a large, high-quality transport, business and industrial precinct. Over 60 companies have already taken advantage of TRANSlink’s strategic geographic location in the state, its user-friendly planning scheme and highly competitive rating and fees schedule.

Business Support

The State Government’s Department of State Growth has developed The Business Tasmania site providing business information and support. The site includes assistance with:

Starting a business
Growing and improving your business
Managing customers and suppliers
Employing and managing people
Finances, tax and insurance
Becoming more energy efficient
What is e-business?
How and who to develop a business plan
Grants and assistance finder
Links to the Australian Business Account and Licence Information Service

The following are some examples of successful businesses and industries in the Northern Midlands municipality:

  • TRANSlink Precint:
Australia Pacific Airports operates Launceston Airport;
Statewide Independent Wholesalers' Tasmanian distribution food cool store;
Haywards Engineering, one of Tasmania's leading steel fabrication and construction companies.
  • Longford:
Austral Bricks operates a large ceramic brick making factory;
JBS Swift Australia operates an export abattoir;
The historic properties of Woolmers Estate and Brickendon at Longford have achieved World Heritage Convict Site status by UNESCO.
  • Powranna/Burlington Road:
Petuna Aquaculture
Burlington Berries
Tasmanian Quality Meats
  • Poatina Resort Village, a superb tourist venue, is a provider of nationally accredited training courses, and an innovative employment program for young people;
  • The award winning Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company at Evandale processes and exports a wide range of sauces; and
  • The numerous vast agricultural enterprises of the Northern Midlands Council area.

The sustainable competitive business advantages of the Northern Midlands municipality include:

  • Transport accessibility as the district straddles the northern half of the Midland Highway connecting Hobart and Launceston; and has excellent access and transport modes;
  • TRANSlink adjacent to the Launceston Airport is a high quality industrial, business and transport precinct with substantial land available for further development (the precinct has already attracted in excess of 40 businesses);
  • Extensive rich agricultural land with the potential for further development and intensification utilising irrigation;
  • Sensitively preserved historic villages with strong heritage appeal are attracting a greater share of the tourist market and have the potential for further developments and growth;
  • The Ben Lomond National Park, towering over the district, is the State's largest single alpine area. The park is a spectacular place to walk, view wildflowers and wildlife, and to ski. The park offers commercial development opportunities;
  • Country living in close proximity to Launceston and its regional services.

Launceston Airport TRANSlink Project

Northern Midlands Council has developed the precinct which is adjacent and surrounding Launceston Airport – the largest freight operation in Tasmania. Many companies have already identified and taken advantage of TRANSlink’s strategic location and its user-friendly planning scheme, and highly competitive rating and fees schedule.
  • It is centrally located to a range of transport modes. It is only 2 hours by road or rail to all other major centres in the state; less than 1 hour by air to Melbourne and less than 2 hours by road to a deep water port.
  • Has extensive flat sites zoned for industrial use
  • It has a ‘user-friendly’ planning scheme that fast tracks development
  • It has excellent service infrastructure
  • It is separated from residential areas
  • It is a high quality development including landscaping and site planning requirements
  • It has highly competitive rating and fees schedules.

Northern Midlands Business Association (NMBA)

The Northern Midlands Business Association (NMBA) was formed in 1999 and works to promote economic development in the Northern Midlands through the fostering, promotion and development of local businesses.

Heritage Highway

The Heritage Highway – Tourism Region Tasmania showcases the region surrounding Tasmania’s first main road including many areas of the Northern Midlands Council municipality.

Tourism Northern Tasmania

Tourism Northern Tasmania (TNT) is the regional tourism organisation for Northern Tasmania, funded by participating councils and Tourism Tasmania. 

Although funded by Councils and Tourism Tasmania, TNT is an industry-led organisation working in partnership with Local Tourism Associations within the region, providing opportunities for greater collaboration in the areas of; destination marketing, visitor information provision, investment attraction and product development, industry skills development, and advocacy on behalf of our industry.   
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