Northern Midlands

Economic Profile

The Northern Midlands is one of the largest and most diverse municipal areas in Tasmania. It covers an area of 5,130 square kms, extending from Liffey Bluff in the west to Mt St John in the east (150kms) and from Relbia in the north to Tooms Lake in the south (95 kms). It ranges from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries, to extensive grazing lands renowned for fine wool production and the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers. The Midlands Highway, which connects Hobart and Launceston, bisects the Northern Midlands.

Launceston Airport is situated in the Northern Midlands. Council has developed the Launceston Airport TRANSlink precinct, a large, high-quality industrial, business and transport precinct, adjacent to the airport. Over 50 companies have already identified and taken advantage of TRANSlink’s strategic geographic location, its user-friendly planning scheme and highly competitive rating and fees schedule, by establishing their business in the TRANSlink precinct.

The Northern Midlands is a prime location for further business developments. Factors that assist with attracting new businesses include the geographic location of the area in the heart of the State, the proximity to Launceston and its workforce, the airport and adjacent TRANSlink precinct, a pro-active Council and quality lifestyle. The Heritage Highway Touring Route encompasses the Northern Midlands and the area is increasingly active in the tourism industry.

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