Northern Midlands

Parking of trucks on residential land

To find out more about parking trucks on residential land, read on...

Council would like to remind the community that the use of residential property as a transport depot is prohibited. The below points outline a useful guide to determine if a truck can be parked on a residential property.

  • A truck driver is entitled to park their truck at their home residence;

  • Multiple trucks being stored for commercial purposes is forbidden under the planning scheme;

  • Multiple trucks being parked on a residential property may be considered a nuisance. Likely nuisances caused by more than one truck can include early starts, excessive noise, dust, visual impact.

Council has requested land be identified which is currently owned by Council that may be appropriate for designated areas of off-street parking of heavy vehicles in Northern Midlands towns.

Council will consider whether the identified sites are suitable for truck parking, and whether it wants to pursue the development of truck parking on these sites and subsequently amend the relevant zoning to allow this.

If you would like more information, please contact Council’s Development Services Department during office hours on 03 6397 7303.

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