Northern Midlands

Business Support Services

The Northern Midlands Business Association was formed in 1999 and welcomes as its members business operators and people interested in economic development in the Northern Midlands.

The association is managed by a Board of nine Directors and seconds the Northern Midlands Council's Manager (of) Economic and Community Development for the equivalent of one day / week to serve as the Associations Executive Officer.

For more information on economic development in the Northern Midlands visit or contact Council's Economic Development Manager, Lorraine Green, on phone (03) 6397 7315 or email All your business needs in one place

In late February 2103, the Economic Development Minister, David O'Byrne, launched a one-stop-shop to support Tasmanian businesses online. The Business Tasmania site - – provides business information 24/7. It is supported by a team answering online enquiries and taking calls during the day - offering services and ideas to help businesses prosper and create jobs.

The site includes topics as diverse as:

• Starting a business.
• Growing and improving your business.
• Managing customers and suppliers.
• Employing and managing people.
• Finances, tax and insurance.
• Becoming more energy efficient.
• What is e-business?
• How and who to develop a business plan
• Grants and assistance finder
• Links to the Australian Business Account and Australian Business Licence Information Service.

Business operators are being encouraged to provide Business Tasmania with feedback on this one-stop-shop including what’s missing and what needs to be improved. Business Tasmania can be contacted via email: or phone 1800 440 026.

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