Northern Midlands

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Northern Midlands is an enviable place to live, work and play. Connected communities enjoy safe, secure lives in beautiful historical towns and villages. Our clean, green agricultural products are globally valued. Local business and industry is strongly innovative and sustainable.


  • Honesty - Treat all with honesty, respect and trust
  • Integrity - Listen, learn and proactively deliver Council’s vision
  • Innovation - Explore, expand and adapt to achieve a shared vision
  • Pride - Serve community with pride and energy


Lead and Progress

Leadership – Serve with honesty, integrity, innovation and pride
Progression - Nurture and support economic health and wealth

People and Place

People - Build a vibrant society that respects the past
Place - Nurture our heritage environment

Municipal Goals

  • Bold leadership guides innovation and growth
  • Economically sound and flexible management
  • Sustainable progress creates a vibrant future
  • We strategically plan and deliver infrastructure
  • Our culture respects the past in building the future
  • Our historical landscapes are cherished and protected
  • Connected communities are strong and safe
  • The municipality is diverse and innovative


The Northern Midlands Council was created on the 2nd April 1993 from the merger of the former Municipalities of Longford, Evandale, Campbell Town and Ross, together with the towns of Rossarden, Avoca and Royal George from the Fingal municipality.
It covers an area of 5,130 square kilometres, extending from Liffey Bluff in the west to Mount St John in the east (150 kms) and from Relbia in the north to Tooms Lake in the south (95 kms).
Northern Midlands is one of the largest and most diverse municipal areas in Tasmania. It ranges from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries to extensive grazing lands renowned for fine wool production, the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers; historic towns and villages, and from small businesses to multi-million dollar enterprises. Many of the towns and villages have distinctive heritage qualities which make them attractive places to live.
The population of the Northern Midlands was estimated to be 12,602 by the 2010 ABS figures. This was 2.5% of the estimated State population that totalled 503,292.

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