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When the former Councils of Evandale, Ross, Campbell Town, Longford and part of Fingal were amalgamated to create the Northern Midlands Council in 1993, there was a high level of concern across the municipal area about the loss of the local Council presence and availability. It was decided to establish four District Forums / Committees at Ross, Campbell Town, Evandale and Avoca, Royal George & Rossarden as Special Committees of Council. Council has since introduced additional Special Committees for the Perth, Longford and Cressy areas.

Members to these committees are appointed for a term of two (2) years, the term of membership commences in July and concludes in June. Current membership for all of these committees expires at 30 June 2016.

The following pages detail the membership and contain minutes of each Committee.

Objectives of Local District Committees

These committees meet regularly and have as their key objectives:

  • Provide a focal point for information between the Northern Midlands Council and the local community;
  • Identify and prioritise needs of the local community;
  • Consider and provide feedback to the Northern Midlands Council in respect to key strategic issues for the local community.

Further information in relation to the Council Committees is available from Council's Governance & Community Development Officer, Amanda Bond or Executive Assistant, Gail Eacher.

Membership of Local District Committees

Residents and representatives from community interest groups are invited to nominate for membership of the following Local District Committees, which do not have a full membership complement:

- Avoca, Royal George & Rossarden Local District Committee;
- Cressy Local District Committee;
- Longford Local District Committee;
- Perth Local District Committee;
- Ross Local District Committee;
- Mill Dam Action Group.

The term of appointment will be until June 2018.

Nomination forms are available below:

Avoca, Royal George & Rossarden Local District Committee

Cressy Local District Committee

Longford Local District Committee

Perth Local District Committee

Ross Local District Committee

Mill Dam Action Group

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