Council Committees

When the former Councils of Evandale, Ross, Campbell Town, Longford and part of Fingal were amalgamated to create the Northern Midlands Council in 1993, there was a high level of concern across the municipal area about the loss of the local Council presence and availability. It was decided to establish four District Forums / Committees at Ross, Campbell Town, Evandale and Avoca, Royal George & Rossarden as Special Committees of Council. Council has since introduced additional Special Committees for the Perth, Longford and Cressy areas.

General Information

Members to these committees are appointed for a term of two (2) years, the term of membership commences in July and concludes in June. Current membership for all of these committees expires at 30 June 2020.

The following pages detail the membership and contain minutes of each Committee.

Objectives of the Local District Committees

These committees meet regularly and have as their key objectives:

  • Provide a focal point for information between the Northern Midlands Council and the community;
  • Identify and prioritise needs of the local community;
  • Consider and provide feedback to the Northern Midlands Council in respect to key strategic issues for the community.

The following are the roles and responsibilities of Local District Committees:

  • To draw the attention of Council to any matters of concern within the district.
  • To consider and report on any matters which may be referred to it by the Northern Midlands Council.
  • To liaise with the community and special interest groups to ascertain their views/opinions on local issues and projects.
  • To receive communications from the local community and special interest groups and forward their letters/requests with appropriate comment/recommendations to Council.
  • To recommend to Council in March each year a prioritised list of works and services to be considered for funding including projects that could be considered for funding under appropriate Federal and State Government schemes.
  • To provide comment to Council in respect to the community’s interests in land use planning matters such as scheme amendments and non-compliance issues.
  • To contribute to a strategic plan that addresses capital works, routine and governance issues that would improve the amenity of the community and such plan would be put forward to the Northern Midlands Council for consideration in planning and budget processes.

The Committee’s primary and priority focus shall be strategic and governance issues that affect the community. Other matters shall be addressed directly using Council’s existing structures – e.g. maintenance and routine issues.

Membership of Local District Committees

Membership of the Local District Committees shall comprise of a minimum of five (5) members and a maximum of ten (10) members. Members are appointed for a term of two (2) years (term of membership). The term of membership is to commence in July and conclude in June. Members are to comprise of residents and representatives of community organisations.

There are presently vacancies on the following Committees, download application forms below:

Residents and representatives from community interest groups are invited to apply for membership.

As a Special Committee of Council, members will meet in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding.

The term of appointment will be until June 2020.

For further information in relation to the Membership of Council Committees contact Council's Executive & Communications Officer, Lucie Copas or Council's Executive Officer, Gail Eacher.


Council is involved with a variety of sub committees. These committees are often implemented by members of the community for a particular event or project.

Devon Hills Neighbourhood Watch and Residents Committee

The Devon Hills Residents Committee was established as a Special Committee of Council under the provisions of Section 24 of the Local Government Act 1993. The Devon Hills Residents Committee is a community group servicing the interests of the residents of Devon Hills.

To view the Devon Hills Neighbourhood Watch and Residents Committee Emergency Plan click here.

Council's contact for this committee is Phillip Canning.





Mill Dam Action Group

The Northern Midlands Council enacted the “Mill Dam Action Group” as a Special Committee of Council in November 2009, to advise Council on the Mill Dam Reserve and undertake restoration of the area as it was after the Bicentennial Mill Dam project in 1988 and as far back as the 1920’s.

The restoration of natural and recreational values is vital in the area as is erosion control, weed eradication and provision of facilities for passive recreation in the area from the Longford boat ramp to the Mill Dam.

Community assistance is welcomed by the Action Committee.


  • Linus Grant - Chairperson
  • Max Baker - Deputy Chairperson
  • Marie Chugg
  • Theo Haege
  • Barbara Baker
  • Dee Potter
  • Cr Richard Goss - Council's Representative


Northern Midlands Economic Development Committee

Council has committed to developing a Northern Midlands Economic Development Strategy in 2013/14. The Strategy will provide clear direction for the future economic development of the Northern Midlands by identifying priorities for action that Council can undertake in collaboration with a range of stakeholders across government, business and community sectors.

A Special Committee of Council has been established to facilitate the development of the Strategy.





Longford Railway Sesquicentary Committee


  • Cr Dick Adams (Chairperson)
  • Gilbert Ness (TasRail)
  • Nigel Burch (Historian)
  • Roderick Cuthbert (Engineer)
  • Len Langan (Historian)
  • Bob Pitt (Historian)
  • John Stebbings (Tradesmen)
  • Gayle McLucas (Artist)
  • Lucie Copas (NMC)
  • Cr Dick Adams 03 6397 7303