Mayor and Councillors

The Northern Midlands Council is made up of 9 Councillors including Mayor and Deputy Mayor, a community election is held every four years.

Mayor Mary Knowles

Address:"Rivendell" Gipps Creek TAS 7213
Phone: 03 6385 2002
Mobile: 0408 766 625

I live at Gipps Creek with my husband on a deer and fine wool farm. For the past 9 years on Council I have worked tirelessly to enable community projects to happen. I represent the 29 councils on the Family Violence Consultative Group, am on community Boards promoting tourism and economic development with a common-sense approach to getting things done while using rates wisely. I will continue to promote the Northern Midlands as a place for families and progressive development supporting farmers, industry, small business, tourism, youth and infrastructure to keep our towns vibrant and viable.

Deputy Mayor Richard Goss

Address:C/- P O Box 156, Longford TAS 7301
Mobile: 0427 514 804

First elected in 2007, I am a high school teacher with a mechanical and construction trade background. I gained a tertiary education at the University of Tasmania (Bachelor of Education). I am married with three children and live at Longford. I grew up at Cressy and I have gained first hand experienced living, working and building my dreams and hopes in the Northern Midlands. I have a strong commitment to the environment and heritage and will ensure that all residents and businesses are fairly represented and consulted on the future decisions of the Northern Midlands Council.

Councillor Dick Adams

Phone: 03 6391 3076
Mobile: 0418 132 828

Elected in 2014, I was the former Federal Member for Lyons for twenty years and also previously served with the State Government. I have lived most of my life in Northern Midlands, starting work at the Longford meatworks, and I am currently again living in Longford. I know the Northern Midlands very well and want to see it develop as an exciting place to live while valuing the heritage and tourism opportunities more fully. I believe we need greater investment and more careful planning to ensure Northern Midlands goes forward itself before involving us with other Northern Tasmania priorities.

Councillor Matthew Brooks


C/- P O Box 156, Longford TAS 7301


0407 911 826


Councillor Andrew Calvert

Address:3 Lyttleton Street, Longford TAS 7301
Phone: 03 6391 3100
Mobile: 0418 130 155
Fax: 03 6391 3111

I am a family man and live at Longford. I was elected on to council in October 2007. My profession is farming and rural consultancy . I respect the needs of both town and country ratepayers and the importance of communities pulling together. I support sound financial management, maintaining and improving essential services, generating economic growth and development creating job opportunities whilst respecting our heritage.

Councillor Jan Davis


P O Box 27, Perth TAS 7300


6398 1515


0409 004 228


Councillor Ian Goninon

Address:P O Box 1935, Launceston TAS 7250
Phone (after hours): 03 6398 2563
Mobile: 0409 700 099
Fax: 03 6332 2520

I am a proud and passionate Tasmanian who lives in Devon Hills on a hobby farm with my wife Cheree.

I own and manage a variety of successful local businesses and I’m also an active member of the community, sitting on various boards and committees within the Northern Midlands area and Tasmania.

As a councillor I am committed to supporting and representing my local community to ensure it is a place that we, and those after us, can enjoy.

I keenly foster local business growth as chairman of the Northern Midlands Business Association and strive to see the continued development of our community’s heritage. In the future, my aim is to continue keeping rate rises to a minimum, encourage the employment of young Tasmanians as well as keep strategically planning our towns for the increased well-being of our great community.

Councillor Janet Lambert

Address:2 Devon Hills Road, Devon Hills TAS 7300
Mobile: 0418 555 643

Elected to council in October 2011. For over 26 years, my family and I have been proud to call the Northern Midlands home. I am passionate about continuing the work I have started in the local government sector, not only being a strong voice for regional and rural communities but also a person of action, ensuring positive change happens and communities thrive. This is a wonderful place to live— and I want to do all I can to secure our community's long-term future. Through my community activities and role within the council, I hope to leave a lasting legacy for the future, ensuring our region is strong and sustainable. I consider myself very approachable, honest and transparent; applying a common sense point of view towards all issues put forward. It is important to me that I demonstrate these values at all times to the communities I am privileged to represent.

Councillor Michael Polley AM

Address:P O Box 84, Longford TAS 7301
Phone: 03 6391 2244
Mobile: 0418 125 234

For 42 years as a Member of Parliament I vigorously and successfully engaged with federal, state and local governments and actively participated in many communities. I hope to bring the experiences I have gained to the Northern Midlands Council table so that I can help facilitate a stronger, more prosperous and diverse future for all our ratepayers.