The Animal section of the Northern Midlands Council website has endeavoured to include all information relating to the queries you might have when it comes to your furry friends. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact the Customer Service Team on (03) 6397 7303 or email us on

Alternatively you can contact our Animal Control Officer (after hours) on 0419 358 395 (dogs and livestock).

General Requirements

General Requirements for Maintenance of Premises used by Animals

Owners of animals must:

  • Keep any structures, buildings, enclosures or areas which the animal has access to clean and sanitary; and
  • Dispose of bedding, floor covering or waste food, or store until disposed, in a waterproof and tightly covered container; and
  • Keep   manure   in   a   waterproof   and/or   tightly   covered   container   when requested to do so by an authorised officer; and
  • Not permit any build-up of manure such that there is any nuisance or run-off into rivers, drains or storm water; and
  • Empty any container used for keeping used bedding, floor covering, waste food or manure regularly and keep the container hygienic; and
  • Not allow the animal to cause any nuisance through smell, noise, rodents, flies or drainage; and
  • Take all necessary steps to abate any nuisance that may arise as a result of keeping of the animal; and
  • Maintain fencing or other structures, buildings or enclosures housing the animal to an adequate standard, so as to prevent the escape of the animal onto a highway or another person’s property.

Keeping of horses, pigs and other livestock on a residential block

Some properties in the council area have private covenants prohibiting the keeping of Horses or pigs. You would have to look at your title documents or check with your solicitor to see if you are affected by a private covenant.