Midlands Rural & Remote Childcare

Imagine being able to have your small child, or children, enjoy a regular child care service, which has been designed especially for families in the rural and remote areas of the Northern Midlands, and which is rotated between Avoca and Cressy.

Now for the first time, there is a mobile child care service which travels to a location near you, every week of the year. All equipment, and the professional staff, are transported in a special van to two locations, to provide your community with a quality child care service.

This service is the first of its kind in Tasmania, and it's been made possible with funding from the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services and support from the State Government. The service is administered by the Northern Midlands Council. The Community Centre at Avoca, and the Old Library at Cressy have all been upgraded to provide an appropriate standard of child care.

You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of the Midlands Rural & Remote Child Care Service:

1.Your children, from birth to 7 years of age, are all catered for. And, permanent places are available.

2. Your Child Care Service is available all year, including school holidays (but not public holidays).

3. You have a choice of affordable long day or half day child care, occasional care, sessional care, and after school care.

4. Your children will enjoy a wide variety of positive learning experiences and physical exersise.

5. Your children, will be in a safe, healthy, and happy environment.

6. Your Child Care Service is made up of qualified, experienced and professional staff.


Child Care Service Philosophy

This childcare service was established to provide access to child care for Rural and Remote Families within the Northern Midlands Municipality. Below are listed the aims and objectives of the Child Care Service.

1. Programs offer Highest Quality Care, reflect cultural diversity and Anti Bias Philosophies and allow for individual differences.
2. Children’s Developmental needs will be met through programming which reflects the Early Years Learning Framework.
3. The differing needs of children from the various rural and remote areas will be recognised and acknowledged through a program which offers flexibility.
4. The programs offered will be age appropriate for the variety of aged children in care.
5. The service will remain affordable and accessible to as many families as possible.
6. The service will cater to the special needs children within the service areas, pending that extra funding for support workers is available.
7. Quality care will be supported by highly qualified and trained staff, including those individuals within each community who posses an interest in quality care for children, complying with the National Quality Framework working towards meeting an exceeding level..
8. The service will prepare children for schooling within their community area.
9. A major focus of the program will be to develop positive self esteem, independence, and individual responsibility.

When & Where

Avoca at the Community Centre - Mondays, 9am-3pm
Cressy at The Old Library - Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm

Parents are required to provide healthy lunches.

Fees and Charges

Please view attached link for all fees and charges.