Rates & Charges are an important source of revenue accounting for approximately 50% of the Council’s income each year to provide a range of services, projects and infrastructure to the community. Rate levels are set through a rigorous budget process of review and consultation each year, where Council seeks to balance the demand for services and infrastructure with the community’s capacity to pay. 

General Information

Rates and Charges 2017 - 2018

The following Rates and Charges apply in accordance with Council resolution dated 27 June 2017. Rates are calculated on each property's Assessed Annual Value (AAV) which is the rental value determined by the Valuer General.

Current Rates & Charges Guide.

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Industrial 10.15$457
Public Purpose 8.86$247
Commercial 8.04 $457
Residential 7.06 $442
Quarries or Mining 8.18$247
Residential Rural 6.44 $457
Residential Low Density 6.44 $457
Sport & Recreation 6.82$247
Primary Production 4.29 $247
Vacant Land
4.77 $247
Volunteer Rate 0.388 $39
General Rate 0.36 $39
140 litre mobile garbage bin $108
240 litre mobile garbage bin $159
Additional recycle service $80
Rossarden/Storys Creek, Royal George, Kalangadoo & Lake Leake areas
On-site disposal system
Lake River (per km) $Nil  

What are my rates made up of?

General Rates

Council varies the General Rate pursuant to Section 107 of the Local Government Act 1993, by reason of use or zone of the land. The General Rate applies to each parcel of land separately valued under the Valuation of Land Act 2001, except for those exempt by statute.

Fire Levy

The Fire Levy collected on behalf of the State Government in 2017-18 amounts to $553,452. The basis on which the fire service is varied, is the location of the land within the volunteer brigade district comprising of Cressy, Campbell Town, Longford, Perth & Evandale urban areas, and the general district, comprising of all other land. There is a minimum charge of $39 per property. 

Waste Management

A fortnightly waste and recycling collection service is provided for residential and some rural properties. An additional waste collection will be provided during the Christmas / New Year period, which will result in collections for three consecutive weeks during this period. A collection calendar is available for your convenience.  Property owners may request an additional service or change the size of a bin by completing a form available from the Customer Service Staff on 63977303.

On-site Waste Disposal

An onsite disposal charge of $621 applies where Council provides management of on-site wastewater management systems installed on private properties.

Lake River Riverworks

There will be not be a rate levied per kilometre of river frontage for properties adjacent t the Lake River during 2017/2018

If you have any queries regarding your Rate Notice or calculation of rates, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Staff on (03) 6397 7303.


Payment of Rates

Payment may be made in one sum of the total Rates and Charges by 31 August 2017 or in three equal instalments.

Lump Sum

A discount of 1% (on current rates and charges) will be given to ratepayers paying by the one sum payment method.


Rates may be paid in three equal instalments by:
31 August 2017
30 November 2017
29 February 2018

Payment Methods:

You may choose one of the following methods for payment of rates:

In Person - Longford Council Chambers

Simply present your account with your payment to the cashier at the Council Office at 13 Smith Street, Longford between 8:30 am and 4:45 pm (EFTPOS available)

Over the Phone

Credit Card

Please call 1300 886 451 (Commonwealth Bank) or 1300 729 859 (Service Tasmania) and have your credit card ready.

Call your bank, credit union or building society to make this payment from your account. Please quote your biller code and customer reference.


BPAY View® sends your bills and statements straight to the same online bank you use to pay them, saving you from shuffling paper. To find out more download this pdf.


Click here to pay your rates through Service Tasmania's secure payment area.

Service Tasmania

Simply present your account with payment at Service Tasmania Shop, Town Hall, Campbell Town between 11 am and 4 pm.

Australia Post

Visit any Post Office, or go to postbillpay.com.au to make a payment. Credit card payments not accepted.

Credit Card

Complete the authority on the reverse side of your rates notice and return it to:

Northern Midlands Council
PO Box 156
Longford TAS 7301

By Mail

If you wish to pay by mail, simply forward your cheque marked "not negotiable", or money order to:

Northern Midlands Council
PO Box 156
Longford TAS 7301

Direct Debit

Northern Midland Council provides a direct debit service. Please click here to find out more, if interested please click here to download a direct debit request form.

Pensioner Rate Remissions

Pensioners as at 1 July 2017 are entitled to a State Government rebate on Rates of 30 percent up to $440, or a reduced maximum of $299 if you are also a TasWater customer. This applies only to pensioner's principal place of residence, provided they satisfy the requirements of the State Government.

A remission is available to a person holding a:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC),
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card (TPP), or
  • Health Care Card (HCC) (but excludes Senior Health Card).

Council deducts previously eligible Pensioner Remissions from rates prior to issuing notices, but require new pensioners, pensioners who have recently relocated to our municipal area, or any pensioner who believes he/she should have been eligible for a Rate Remission, to complete the Concession Application for Rates Remission Form.

Discount Interest and Penalty

Ratepayers are encouraged to take advantage of a 1% discount which is allowed on rates and charges paid in full within thirty (30) days of issue (until 31 August 2017).

Should any instalment not be paid by the due date, Council may require payment of the full amount due.

Rates & Charges not paid before the due date will attract:

  • a daily interest charge of 0.0205% (7.5% per annum)
  • a 5% penalty on the total outstanding as at 1 April 2018.

What do I do if I am having difficulties paying my rates?

During times of severe financial hardship please phone our Customer Service Team on (03) 6397 7303 to discuss a payment arrangement.

Change of Details

Changing Your Details

It is important to keep your contact details up-to-date so you will recieve your rate statements in a timely manner.

Change of Address

You can change your postal address details for your Council rates notice with the lodgement of the Change of Address form. Alternatively, you can change your address details for Northern Midlands Council services by:

  • sending us an email at council@nmc.tas.gov.au
  • visiting our Customer Service Centre in person
  • writing to: Northern Midlands Council, PO Box 156, Longford Tas 7301

Change of Name

Marriage or Deed Poll
If you are a land owner and you change your name by marriage or deed poll, Council needs a copy of the official certificate to change the rates ownership record.

You can get a copy of the certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

If a company owns the property and changes the registered company name, Council will need a copy of the change of name certificate.

You can obtain a copy of this certificate from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Changing Ownership Details

The current property owner is responsible for the rates debt.

When properties are brought or sold the rates need to be adjusted to reflect the new ownership.

Council alters its property ownership records after receiving official notification from the Land Titles Office.

Council cannot accept change of ownership details from the new owner.


What happens when my land is re-valued?

The Valuer General will provide notice to you when your property values have changed under the Valuation of Land Act 2001.

Values provided are:

  • The Land Value is the value of the property excluding all visible improvements.
  • The Capital Value is the total value of the property, excluding plant and machinery, and includes the land value.
  • The Assessed Annual Value is the gross annual rental value of the property excluding GST, municipal rates and land tax, but is not to be less than 4% of the capital value.

If you desire to object to the values of your property it should be made on a prescribed form from the Valuer General's Office and lodged within the period of 60 days after the date of the notice of the new values.

Click here to go to the Office of the Valuer-General's website.

Calculating Rates on a New Property

When you purchase a property please check that rates for the current financial period have been paid in the property settlement. Rates liability is a charge upon the land and is automatically transferred to the new owner if not paid.

Emailing rates notices

If you would like to have your rates notices emailed to you, rather than posted (or if you would like to cancel your emailed rates notices and go back to posted), please fill in the following form and we will update our records accordingly.

(as printed at the top right of your rates notice)
Your full name as printed on your rates notice
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