Waste & Recycling Collection Changes (West Perth)

Posted on November 26, 2020

Perth township’s Waste and Recycling collection will be split into two collection zones from Monday 14th December 2020:

  • West Perth (Green on the collection calendar and shaded area on the map), and
  • East Perth (Yellow on collection calendar, unshaded on map)

This means collection in Perth will be split in the middle from the main street.

The main street starts at the entrance of Perth south roundabout and follows through to the northern roundabout All bins on the western side of the main street and west of main street will be collected on a Monday, and all the bins on the eastern side of the main street and east of main street will be collected as per normal on a Friday.

The new arrangements will start from Monday 14th December, your waste and recycling will be collected on a Monday instead of the current Friday, this is three days after your current collection day.

You will need to put your bins out on Sunday night for collection on Monday morning.

Your additional Christmas collection this year will now be on 21st December.

An updated Collection Calendar is attached here.

An updated Collection Map is attached here.