Development Applications

Planning Applications

The following applications, under the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993, may be inspected at the Council Offices, 13 Smith St, Longford, and online at until the listed closing date. Written representations in accordance with section 57(5) of the Land Use and Planning Approvals Act 1993 may be made during this time to the General Manager; mailed to PO Box 156, Longford 7301, delivered to Council offices or a pdf letter emailed to

Current Development Applications

closing 21 May 2019

PLN-19-0027 - 766 Logan Road, Evandale: (CT 136412/1, 84015/1) - Re-subdivision of 2 Lots (Rural Resource)

PLN-19-0029 - 40 Malcombe Street, Longford: (CT 244339/1) - Multiple Dwellings x 5

PLN-19-0078 - Community Centre , 18 High Street, Evandale: (CT 202589/1) - Roof upgrade to Evandale Community Centre

closing 24 May 2019

PLN-17-112 - 25A Main Road, Perth: (CT 143969/1) - Amenities/worker accommodation building, extensions to existing shed used for the extraction of honey and four shipping containers (Retrospective) - within 50m of railway

PLN-19-0084 - 24 Muirton Way, Perth: (CT 175207/11) - Dwelling & shed (vary rear [N] setback)

closing 31 May 2019

PLN-19-0002 - 460 Nile Road, Evandale: (CT 8177/1 & 238735/1) - Re-subdivision between 2 lots

PLN-19-0042 - 785 & 797 Nile Road, Nile: (CT 203189/1 & 131227/1) - Re-subdivision of 2 lots (irrigation district)

PLN-19-0061 - 1-3 Barclay Street, Evandale: (CT 155644/1) - Tennis Practice Wall (vary setback, heritage Precinct)

PLN-19-0082 - 1813 Bishopsbourne Road, Longford: (CT 30/5979) - Partially enclosed porch (heritage-listed place, irrigation district)

closing 11 June 2019

PLN-19-0071 - 81 Evandale Road, Western Junction: Mining Lease 2045 P/M (CT 129905/1) - expansion of existing quarry (Level 2 activity under EMPCA)


The above application has been referred to the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (the Board) for assessment under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPC Act). A Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) has been lodged in support of the application.

A copy of the DPEMP for the above application will be available for public inspection during the notification period and may be examined during normal business hours at:

  • The Northern Midlands Council Chambers/Offices: 13 Smith Street, LONGFORD TAS 7301.
  • Service Tasmania Hobart, ground floor, 134 Macquarie Street, HOBART TAS 7000.

    The DPEMP can also be viewed on the internet at: progress.

    A guide for preparing a public submission can be found on the internet at:

    Copies of the DPEMP/EER may be requested from John Miedecke by phoning 0418 130 672.

    A copy of the full development application is available for viewing at The Northern Midlands Council Chambers/Offices: 13 Smith Street, LONGFORD TAS 7301 and online: https://www.northernmidlands.t...

    Public Representations

    In accordance with section 57 (5) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 any person may make a representation relating to the above proposal and the supporting documentation from Saturday 11 May 2019 to Tuesday 11 June 2019 by writing to: The General Manager, Northern Midlands Council, PO Box 156, Longford Tas 7301 or by emailing a PDF letter, addressed to the General Manager, to