Development Applications

Planning Applications

The following applications, under the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993, may be inspected at the Council Offices, 13 Smith St, Longford, and online at until the listed closing date. Written representations in accordance with section 57(5) of the Land Use and Planning Approvals Act 1993 may be made during this time to the General Manager; mailed to PO Box 156, Longford 7301, delivered to Council offices or a pdf letter emailed to

Current Development Applications

closing 03 July 2020

PLN-19-0219 - 1 Old Punt Road, Perth: (CT 140550/1) - Dwelling alterations and additions, new Bath House (vary rear setback)

PLN-20-0078 - 880 Hobart Road, Breadalbane: (CT 125509/1) - Pet Crematorium (vary setbacks) and dog boarding kennels (Road & Railway Assets Code, Scenic Management Code, Environmental Impacts & Attenuation Code)

PLN-20-0102 - 19 Cracroft Street, Longford: (CT 177259/3) - Dwelling (vary front and rear setbacks) & new access (Road & Railway Assets Code)

PLN-20-0116 - 27 Devon Hills Road, Devon Hills: (CT 11520/33) - Dwelling alterations & additions (within 1000m attenuation distance of quarry)

PLN-20-0119 - 22-24 William Street, Perth: (CT 12391/6) - Garage (vary rear setback)

Closing 10 July 2020

PLN-20-0111 - 21 Marlborough Street, Longford: (CT 176880/2) - Changeable letterboard sign (Heritage precinct)

PLN-20-0114 - 16 Blenheim Street, Avoca: (CT 169730/1) - Install 2 split system reverse cycle air conditioning units (Heritage listed place)

PLN-20-0118 - 1A Leopold Street, Evandale: (CT 134630/1) - 2nd driveway crossover (Road & Railway Assets Code)

PLN-20-0121 - Greenvale, 1381 Saundridge Road, Cressy: (CT 53336/1) - Visitor Accommodation (Non impervious access and parking)

PLN-20-0122 - 55 Marlborough Street, Longford: (CT 107659/1) - Shed (7.5m x 9.5m) (Heritage precinct)

PLN-20-0125 - 19 Pultney Street, Longford: (CT 5183/32) - carport (Heritage precinct)

closing 14 July 2020

PLN-20-0129 - 3 Spencers Lane, Cressy: (CT 41385/1) - 4 Lot subdivision (access to lot 2 by right of way)

PLN-20-0131 - 284 Wilmores Lane, Longford: (CT 128408/1) - Dwelling addition (garage) and 30m x 15m machinery shed (vary setbacks in rural zone; irrigation district; attenuation area)

PLN-20-0132 - 4 Affleck Court, Perth: (CT 178099/10) - Multiple Dwellings (2) (vary rear setback, privacy provisions & parking/turning forward of building line; Water Quality Code)

Closing 17 July 2020

Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013 - Exhibition of Draft Amendment & Planning Application

The Northern Midlands Council has decided that the following Draft Amendment to the Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013 made under s33 & s43A of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993 is suitable for public exhibition in accordance with s35 & s38 of the Act:

Draft Amendment 06/2019 (Ref No: PLN-19-0221)

To Rezone part of 74 Marlborough Street, Longford (CT 222877/1) from Community Purpose to General Residential & insert new clause relating to lot size (re-advertised to include in the exhibition documents: correct application documents, map coordinates for the proposed rezoning and instrument of certification with wording of new clause).

Location: 74 Marlborough Street, Longford

In accordance with s43F of the Act, Council has decided to grant a permit for the following application made under s43A of the Act for a 6 lot subdivision.

The Draft Amendment and planning application may be inspected online at from 20 June 2020 until 17 July 2020. For those unable to access the internet, viewing is by appointment only, at Council Offices, 13 Smith Street, Longford, please ph. 6397 7303 for an appointment.

Written representations to the planning authority may be made during this time to: The General Manager, Northern Midlands Council, either mailed to PO Box 156, Longford, Tasmania 7301, or hand-delivered to 13 Smith St, Longford, Tasmania 7301.